Apartment building Na Maninách 13

This house was our first development project. We acquired it in 2016, in the form of the purchase of a business share.

Subsequently, a complete reconstruction took place. The house was revived by a new facade with high-quality windows. As part of the renovation of the common areas, he got, among other things, a modern elevator cabin. Last but not least, stylish bathrooms enriched all apartment units.

We have already decided to approach this project differently than most developers on the Prague real estate market. We offered those interested in buying the opportunity to join a housing cooperative by purchasing cooperative shares with subsequent possible transfer to personal ownership. This unconventional procedure caused a great wave of interest among clients. It has also proven itself in cases where classic mortgage financing for the purchase of an apartment was too complicated or completely unavailable.

The Na Maninych apartment building has become a major milestone in the further development of Porta Invest. Until now, we have profiled ourselves primarily as a place where investors and investment properties meet. With this project, we started a new stage, companies with their own development.

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