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Are you considering selling your property? Contact the experts.

We are a purely Czech company with 15 years of experience in the field of investments and consulting. We approach each customer individually, fairly and with regard to their needs. Our goal is not to buy real estate at any price. First, we will discuss your situation, answer questions that may bother you, and propose suitable solutions. A satisfied customer is our highest priority.

I want to meet casually

The story of selling real estate


First meeting

We will answer all questions and together we will prepare a complete, non-binding offer that reflects not only the current market price of the property, but also its potential for the future.


Preparation of documents

We will provide you with complete documents for the sale of real estate (from technical plans and lease agreements to accounting and legal documents).


Financial transaction

We will connect our legal representatives to each other and agree on the method of conducting the business transaction, transferring money and securing it.


Successful trade execution

After the money has been transferred from the escrow to your account and transferred to the new owner in the real estate cadastre, all that remains is the actual transfer of the property.

There are many questions that may bother you

Is it better to bequeath the house to the children or sell it and give the money to the children?

Bequeathing an apartment building or other real estate is certainly a nice move. However, it must be remembered that this also means a big commitment for the next generation. Property management and negotiations with tenants present many challenges. Due to the difficulty of these activities, the property can be rather a gift for descendants. Dealing with finances is significantly easier, money can help children, for example, with buying their own home or starting a business.

I would like to sell the house by apartment units. What exactly does such a sale entail?

The sale of individual housing units, whether to existing tenants or new clients, promises an attractive return, but the path to it is not easy. Without quality legal support, such a sale is unfeasible. It certainly does not start with an advertisement and does not end with handing over the keys to the apartment. This is a lengthy process that can take more than a year and employ several people full-time. That is why the support of experienced specialists comes in handy. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to comprehensively mediate the sale for you.

I am determined. I am selling an apartment building. But how should I notify the tenants?

The legal code of the Czech Republic does not oblige the owner to inform the tenants about the sale of the property. As part of good relations, however, we recommend sending the tenants a letter with information about the new situation, ideally in cooperation with the buying party.

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