Harmony and Feng Shui in your home

26. 6. 2024
Return Harmony and Feng Shui in your home

   Welcome back to our housing blog! Today we'll be covering a topic that runs deep into the atmosphere of your home - Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese philosophy provides us with many valuable principles and rules that can lead to harmony, well-being and positive energy in our environment.

The basics of Feng Shui: What is it?
Feng Shui is not just about arranging furniture or placing decorations. It is a complex system that deals with the flow of energy (chi) in a space. The goal is to ensure that chi flows freely and harmoniously, which is interpreted to have a positive effect on our health, relationships and prosperity.
Chi and its meaning: chi is the life force that is found in all things. In Feng Shui, we try to reduce obstacles and blockages that might impede the free flow of chi, such as sharp edges on furniture or cluttered rooms.
Bagua Map: This tool divides a space into nine sectors, each symbolizing a particular aspect of life (e.g. prosperity, family, career, etc.). Placing the right objects and colors in each sector can promote positive energy in these areas.

Feng Shui applications in specific rooms
How can we specifically apply Feng Shui principles in different parts of your house or apartment? Let's take a look at some examples:

Bedroom: the bed should have a firm support behind the headboard (ideally with the head against the wall) to provide a sense of security and stability.Avoid placing the bed directly in front of a door or under a window.

Colours: choose calm and soothing colours that promote relaxation and good mood. Blue for calm and harmony, green for renewal and balance, or soft pastel tones for softness and well-being.

Modern interpretations of Feng Shui
Feng Shui is not about outdated rules. A modern approach allows the integration of traditional principles with modern design and technology, resulting in an even more harmonious and pleasant environment.

Minimalism: simple forms and clean lines encourage the free flow of energy while giving a clean and elegant look to modern interiors.

Eco-friendly materials: using natural materials that respect the environment is part of modern Feng Shui.

Personalisation: every home is unique.Respect personal preferences and lifestyle when choosing colours, decorations and furniture placement.

Join us in discovering how you can create a harmonious and positive environment in your home or apartment using Feng Shui principles. Get inspired and improve the quality of your home every day!


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