Proper heating and ventilation in winter - the key to a healthy home

14. 12. 2023
Return Proper heating and ventilation in winter - the key to a healthy home

During the winter months, it is important not only to heat your home properly, but also to ventilate it effectively to maintain a comfortable temperature and ensure good ventilation. The right combination of these two factors can make a big difference to your comfort and health. In this article, we will look at some tips on how to heat and ventilate properly in winter.

1. Regular heating system maintenance
Before winter begins, it's important to have your heating system inspected and possibly serviced. Dirty filters or non-functioning radiators can significantly reduce heating efficiency. Regular maintenance can ensure optimal operation and minimize energy costs.

2. Program your heating system as needed
Modern heating systems often allow you to program the temperature at different times of the day. Use this option to make the home warmer when you are home and vice versa to save energy when you are away.

3. Correct temperatures for different rooms
Adjust the temperature according to each room. The living room can be warmer than the bedroom. This will not only save energy but also increase comfort in each room.

4. Ventilate efficiently
Even in winter, it is important to ventilate the apartment regularly. It is recommended to carry out short, intensive ventilation several times a day. Open the window for 5-10 minutes to exchange the air and then close it. This will minimise heat loss.

5. Suitable window controls
Look for modern windows with insulating properties. In winter, they keep the heat in while minimising the penetration of cold air. When ventilating, leave windows open only briefly but wide.

6. Heat responsibly
Use heating responsibly, every extra degree Celsius means an increase in energy costs.

7. Hydrate the air
Heating can dry out the air in your home. Consider using an air humidifier or simply placing containers of water on the heating element. Moister air retains heat better and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

Taking proper care of your heating and ventilation can create a comfortable home environment in the winter that promotes your health and well-being. Monitor the condition of your heating system, program temperatures as needed, and don't forget to ventilate regularly. This way, you can save energy while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home.

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