How to invest nowadays?

13. 1. 2023
Return How to invest nowadays?

Surely we all agree that the current economic environment is very turbulent, and many of you are wondering how to best invest your money. Analysts and economists from leading financial centres and banks have also reflected on this topic.

They agree that we have entered a period in which today’s investments can yield high returns in a few years. The question is what to invest in. Financial specialists from USB, Citibank and BNP Paribas have compiled a list of investments options with their respective return potential for the next decade. An investment in one’s own business ranked first, followed by emerging market equities and real estate.

Unless you plan to invested in developing your own business or in stocks, which entail high risks, real estate is the obvious choice for you. You may think that this does not make much sense with high interest rates and ČNB restrictions on mortgage loans. The opposite is true. And what is more, with our cooperative sales model, you can buy real estate for investment without applying for a mortgage loan. You will need to a fraction of the real estate price to pay for a share in the housing cooperative, and then you will repay the rest in monthly instalments.

The offer of flats available for purchase through the cooperative can be found here. If you want more information on the purchase of a cooperative flat, contact us at or at 737 604 885.


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