Portfolio of apartments Most and surroundings, total of 224 bj with an area of 11.997m2

Apartment buildings with yield
Cena CZK 215 000 000
Lokalita Ústecký kraj

This is the sale of a portfolio that was built from 2013 to 2022 and a total of 224 apartments with an area of 11,997m2. Great reputation - the owners have legions of prospective tenants (years of building a good reputation), tenants recommend the owners as decent reliable landlords. Ability to continue to manage for 6-12months. Most of the houses in which the apartments are located are after reconstruction and the apartments are in various conditions, i.e. from maintained in their original state to apartments that have already been reconstructed.

Great potential to increase rents. Average prices per 1m2 are low - for 2023 it is planned to increase rents within Q1, Q2 by 100.000,-CZK/month ( may be part of the agreement on sale ) + for 2024 by another min. 50.000,-CZK ( an increase in these intentions will not affect the stability of the portfolio of tenants ). By investing in cheap renovations, which owners can provide, it is possible to increase the value of the property and profitability in the long term.

The city of Most has interesting potential. Compared to cities such as Chomutov, Teplice, Ústí n/Lab it is still undersized in terms of property prices and rents, without any fundamental reason for this. Comprehensive infrastructure of the statutory city, short walk to work in Germany, 50-60 min drive to work in Prague. The R7 motorway is being built, short walk to the Ore Mountains, industrial zones Joseph and Triangl nearby with state support and experiencing considerable development.

Current yield:

GOI: 1.339.810,-CZK/month; 16.077.720,-CZK/year i.e. 7.48%p.a.
NOI: 1.042.000,-CZK/month; 12.504.000,-CZK/year i.e. 5.82%p.a.

Price negotiable CZK 215.000.000,-. Detailed rent table and other important information will be sent after signing the NDA.

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