Networked plot for the construction of a hall, Prague 10

Praha 10 - Praha 10
Land for developers
Cena CZK 55 000 000
Lokalita Praha 10

Land with a project for the construction of a hall in Prague 10, near Průmyslova Street and Fashion Arena. The sale includes a building permit and project.
The building will consist of 1PP and 3NP, where 1PP will have a garage for 38 OA (1.165 m2), 1NP will have a warehouse with a raised ceiling (1.165 m2), 2NP will have only a part of either a warehouse or an office (398 m2) and 3NP will have offices (1.165 m2). The future usable area of the building is 3.893 m2.

The subject of the sale is 100% business share.

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